8:00 am

Welcome, introduction, overview of program and desired outcome, What is entrepreneurship?
What makes up successful entrepreneurship?
What is the role of a “mentor”?

8:30 am

Overview Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) Framework and Why It Was Created

8:50 am

Disciplined Entreprenurship Framework in Action.

9:30 am

Theme 1: Who Is Your Customer?




Theme 1: Who is Your Customer? (Part II)


Primary Market Research (PMR) Tips and Techniques


Theme 2: What Can You Do for Your Customer?

12:15 pm

Competitive Advantage

12:45 pm

Working Lunch

1:15 pm

Competitive Advantage (Part II)

1:45 pm

Theme 3: How Does Your Customer Acquire Your Product?

2:15 pm

Theme 4: Unit Economics

3:00 pm

Resources Going Forward and AMA (Ask Me Anything)

3:30 pm

Wrap up and Close (5 minutes)